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TOTAL Human Resource Management can help you achieve optimalities in one or more of the following areas :
Temporary Staffing    
From devising a Temporary Staffing strategy to executing it, TOTAL can provide turnkey solutions to meet all your temporary staffing or "temping" needs. Temps can be very effectively used at times of increased need, and then scaled down upon exhaustion of that requirement. Temps may also be converted to permanent employees at your discretion. The area of temporary staffing provides unlimited possibilities and solutions for all your needs.  
Recruitment Services    
TOTAL provides across the board recruitment services to meet all your staffing needs. Whether you require turnkey solutions covering the entire recruitment cycle or only specialized help with selected parts of the recruitment process, TOTAL can provide it all. We offer customised & targetted solutions catering to all niche — needs that you may have. Often, TOTAL can advise on ways and means to better your current recruitment practices to achieve efficiencies and cost reduction — even if you didn't think it possible!  
Permanent Staffing    
TOTAL can help you find appropriate staff for all your needs.  The best-match candidates are often hard to find — and this is where our expertise in locating, sourcing and placing the best talent comes in hand.  TOTAL is a niche-player in the staffing industry — focused on providing well thought-out, researched and lasting permanent staff for your needs.  Clients who have used our services will vouch for our effectiveness and resultant low-attrition rates.  
Tripartite Arrangements    
Under varied circumstances, staffing solutions can often involve more than just the employer and the employee.  Often triangular arrangements involving a third-party can be the most optimal HR solution.  In such and other complex staff structuring cases, TOTAL'S on-the-ground expertise has proved invaluable to our clients.  Using creativity, flexibility, experience and execution expertise, TOTAL can create for you solutions that are unique and customized to your needs and situation.  
HRM Consulting    
Drawing on our expertise and experience, TOTAL can offer Human Resource Management advice on a stand-alone basis that you may not get elsewhere.  Or, if you would like, we could go ahead and execute on that advice on your indication.  If you have a Human Resource Management requirement, TOTAL has a solution for it! Consultants at TOTAL relish cases where extra efficiencies are to be squeezed out from already near-efficient situations — if you think there is no more room for optimizing, call TOTAL and let us take a look — we may be able to prove you wrong — and improve your bottomline!  
Dispute Resolutions    
TOTAL'S years of experience provides us with a unique perspective in solving disputes and deadlocks involving human resources.  Often solutions evade the parties involved for various reasons.  Our fresh approach and perspective can help you resolve any such disputes and prevent consequent loss in productivity.  With focus on creating "win-win" outcomes, TOTAL can partner with you to achieve human resource optimalities and competitiveness that you desire.  
Customized Solutions    
Since Human Resource Management involves "humans," the permutations and combinations involved in the best HRM solutions are endless. Add to that the complexities that are unique to your business and it often becomes impossible to apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach.  TOTAL stands ready to provide you with customized solutions for all your HRM needs.  Just ask us how!  
Offshore Strategies    
Labour laws and costs vary across boundaries and can be an important determinant in where you locate yourself.  If you are thinking along these lives, TOTAL can help you achieve your goals.  
Background Checks And Verifications    
Use TOTAL to verify the background and antecedents of your human resource pool. Not doing so runs the risk of exposing your enterprise to incompetence, fakes, conmen or even criminals.  
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